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We'll help you rescue Hohn. Now that I have enough money, I can get that camera. I looked around for you. You're sure about this, right? They talked about nothing but the news in the company. What is one food that you could never give up?

I brought a picture of him.

I guess I was lucky. I was an idiot to believe them. She took something out of the bag. She's all yours. All the children laughed at Frederic. He pretended like it never happened. Edmund is getting ready to sing.

I was watching TV when Kirk came. Nadeem is no friend of mine. I'm sure my family is looking for me. What sort of sandwiches do you have? You have to leave here at once. I have a twitch in my right eye. They finished eating. Mehrdad has a wife and kids. German classes are held twice a week - on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The floorboards creak a bit when you walk across them. Murthy says he's sorry he didn't call. Pantelis doesn't want me to help you. Can I give you some friendly advice?

Renounce! Did Stuart say why Theodore went to Boston? The flower planted in our porch is very fragrant. Show me how it's done.

I thought this was something we both wanted.

The rich and the poor are afraid of death. I don't know when I will return.

Sorry, Derek, I don't have time to chat. Must I come home now? I thought you might like to know. It's a TV.

Losing a battle doesn't mean losing the war! If you eat too much, you'll become fat. The students asked questions one after another. It's white. The sound of a gunshot echoed across the canyon. I can wait out here. Thanks so much for all your help.

The vase she broke is my aunt's. Feel free to look around.

Calm down! Don't get nervous! She advised him to read those books. That's it. I'm outta here. Would $300 be enough? Dannie wrote an article for the school newspaper. Maybe you should call Lila. I got some money from a cash machine. My mother attached herself to a cooperative society. Easy money is on Mulligan.